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Morgan County, Indiana

Here are some related website links that you may peruse for more information. Please feel
free to let us know of any other links you think would be appropriate here.
* signifies a state sponsored website

1. *  Official website of State of Indiana. Site is sponsored by the State. Has
main tabs including: About Indiana; Agriculture & Environment; Business & Employment;
Education & Training; Family & Health; Law & Justice; Public Safety; Taxes & Finance; and
Tourism & Transportation. Click a tab and site will provide links and resources to a variety of
sub-topics within the main tab category.

2. *  Indiana Department of Revenue link. Information on Property Taxes.
Has contact information for questions about assessment rules / guidelines dealing with real

3. *  Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) link. Offers
information on the DLGF, information for taxpayers and information for Local Government. It
also offers a variety of online services including the County Tax Bill Calculator.

4. *  This site has been established by Senator Kenley who chairs the Indiana Commission on State Tax and Financing. There is a link for the public to use to submit ideas on tax reform, their personal tale and comments.

5. *  Public Access Counselor (PAC) website. Provides advice and assistance concerning Indiana’s public access laws to members of the public and government officials and their employees. An additional responsibility of the PAC is to
provide education and training to those who have an interest in learning more about
Indiana’s public access laws, in particular, the rights and responsibilities of all parties under
these laws.

6. *  Indiana State Board of Accounts (SBOA) website. An agency of the
executive branch, the SBOA audits the financial statements of all government units within
the state, including cities, towns, utilities, schools, counties, license branches, state
agencies, hospitals, libraries, townships, and state colleges and universities.

7.  Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy website. Contains
state and national information on tax reform. Tax Dictionary useful in understanding tax
jargon in "plain english". Can sign up for e-mail alerts pertaining to tax issues before
Congress or State Legislatures.

8.  Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC) - Kelley School of
Business, Indiana University website. Provides extensive resources for data and analysis of
economic and demographic information needed by business, government and nonprofit
organizations in Indiana and throughout the nation.

9.  Indiana Business Research Center
(IBRC) - Kelley School of Business, Indiana University website. Contains statistics on
Indiana Income Taxes; Indiana Sales Taxes and Indiana Property Taxes.

10.     Purdue University website. Explanation of Indiana Property Taxes,
containing narratives, graphs and useful links.

11.  Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and advocacy organization dedicated to fair taxation at the federal, state, and local levels.

12.  Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) blog page for citizens comments.

13.  Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute (IFPI) website. Independent,statewide source of continuing research into the impact of state taxing and spending policies in Indiana.

14.  Mooresville Consolidated School Corp (MCSC) website  MCSC website. Has information about proposed
building project including handouts, slideshow presentations and survey results from the two
(2) community forum sessions.

Local area newspapers that you can send "Letters to the Editor" or search for information
that may be of interest.
1. Indianapolis Star - 
2. Martinsville Reporter Times - 
3. Mooresville-Decatur Times - 

Local news channels - 6, 8 & 13. Search these sites for new information and/or stories that
may be of interest to the Association.

1. Channel 6 - 
2. Channel 8 - 
3. Channel 13 - 

Still want more info on the topic? Try a google search for ‘Property Taxes Indiana”, like this
link: Property Taxes Indiana

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