Community Taxpayers Association

Morgan County, Indiana

The Community Taxpayers Association, Inc. (the \"Association\") is a nonprofit, nonpartisan,
tax exempt organization. The Association is comprised of individuals who believe that knowledge is power and we would like to share this power with other residents of Morgan County.

The Association will strive to provide a reliable, honest platform for the Taxpayers and Residents to verify, collect and disperse information and/or question actions of elected Officials and the impact their actions will have on us. We encourage and welcome Taxpayers and Residents input. The Bylaws of the Association
require that any information that is presented through our web site be documented.
Whenever possible we will use \"links\" to take you directly to the source of the information that is presented. You can then make your own informed, knowledgeable decision regarding that information. When information is presented that is not available on-line, said information will be footnoted with a referenced source. Any information that is presented by an individual which involves opinion, interpretation or conjecture, said information will be noted as such and signed by the individual who submitted that information.

What We Are NOT
The Community Taxpayers Association, Inc. (the \"Association\") is NOT a political entity. We realize that everyone has their own opinion and we are rightfully entitled to that opinion. The Association requests that any Taxpayers or Resident who registers and utilizes our site, place their political opinions at the door.
The Association will NOT tolerate disrespect or abuse of any member, offensive language, \"spamming\" and/or \"bashing\" of any type. If that is your intent, please go elsewhere.

Individual\'s input to this site, via forums and/or email, etc., will be monitored and if the Association believes that it is your intent, the Association reserves the right to restrict your participation. The premise of the Association is to work together to educate, inform and create interest in our community that will ultimately help each Taxpayer and Resident make knowledgeable, informed decisions that will benefit our Community.